Monday, 29 August 2016

Travel Tips: My Top 5 Restaurants in Prague

As a person who's been living in Prague for 2 years and visiting this beautiful city a lot before that as well I feel like I can already give you some tips that would help you when visiting... and what else could I start with than with food!

As a tourist I prefer to try local dishes but it can sometimes be a bit tricky because the restaurants in the centres of big cities are usually really expensive and it's actually not guaranteed that the food there is good. Of course you can look at TripAdvisor and see the reviews but I think that the very best option is to ask locals! They know where to go for good food that actually tastes the way it is supposed to and what's more, it usually happens to be less expensive! 

Because I've been living in the Czech Republic my whole life, I eat in Czech restaurants regularly and I have grandma that cooks typical Czech dishes I consider myself the right person to tell you where to go for delicious meal that you will love and it will actually save you a lot of money when in Prague :) What's more, in last few months I visited all of these places with my international friends and I'm happy to say that it's not only me who approves them! 

1. Restaurant Hybernia 
  • Adress: Hybernská 7/1033, Praha 1
  • What to order: "Svíčková" = Beef meat with dumplings and cream sauce, Fried cheese
This restaurant is right in the centre of Prague so you don't have to travel that far to eat delicious food for very nice prize and you can even enjoy eating outside in quiet garden. As you can see I'd recommend you to order typical Czech dish called Svíčková because the one that they have here is pretty decent (any Czech person will tell you that Svíčková is one of the hardest dishes to cook and it is always tricky to eat it in a restaurant). 
Fried cheese is typical Czech dish, typical in this non-fancy form. It's filling (as all typical Czech dishes) and all of my friends loved it!

2. Potrefená husa
  • Adress: All around the Prague (most central one is again in Hybernská street or by the main train station)
  • What to order: Duck with dumplings, Beef shoulder with fries
Another restaurant in Hybernská street, so right in the centre. And another typical Czech dish - duck with dumplings and cabbage - order it here because you'll get two types of dumplings (potatoe and bread ones) and two types of cabbage (white and red one). 
Their beef shoulder together with delicious sauce is really amazing and you'll be super full. 

3. Vinohradský parlament
  • Adress: Korunní 1 / Praha 2 – Vinohrady 
  • What to order: anything from daily lunch menu
This place is perfect for its amazing daily lunch menu! Go there between 11AM and 3PM and you'll love it. Every day has a different "food theme/ingredients" so you can check in advance to see what you want to try. The prizes are really cheap (even Czech people will tell you that :)) and all you need to do is take metro A to stop Náměstí Míru  (only 1/2 stops from Prague's main Wenceslas Square).

4. Želivárna
  • Adress: Vinohradská 2396/184, Praha 3
  • What to order: Beef Goulash, Schnitzels, Duck with dumplings or Fried cheese
Only a few stops away from the centre with green metro line A you'll be served really good food for very nice prizes! You already know the other recommended dishes and I'm pretty sure you've already heard of or even eaten goulash and even though I know it's originally dish from Hungary, Czech people love this dish and can prepare it equally as good as in Hungary :)

5. Neklid
  • Adress: Ruská 34, Praha 10 - Vršovice
  • What to order: anything from the menu, for Czech food specially starters and food/snacks served with beer
If you want to visit this restaurant you'll have to travel a bit out of the Prague city centre, about 10 minutes by tram (tram stop Ruská) but it's 100% worth it. I really like the vibe of this restaurant because the staff is really nice and you can sit outside. But what's the best part, every dish you might order is going to be delicious! How do I know? I've already tried most of them! :) But if you want something typical Czech, order beer and some beer side dish/starters :) 

I'm pretty sure there are many more good restaurants in Prague, these are just my favourites! Why? Because they serve really good meals and you pay reasonable prizes for them. All of these restaurants also have dishes that are not typically Czech so you don't have to worry, almost anyone can chose there! 
Have you ever been to Prague? Did you like Czech food? And where did you eat? :)


  1. I hope one day will visit Prague.I will keep in mind these restaurants

  2. This is so on my bucket list! I'll have to keep this for the future!

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  4. It definitely disappointing if the food wasn't tasty after coming all this distance. Their beef looks delicious with that cheese. GIGI

  5. Great post! Will for sure check it out next time i go to prague

  6. Great post! Will for sure check it out next time i go to prague

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